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Why you need my services

Academic editing, Proofreading or Book Editing — all need reviewing 

"to" or "too", "there" or "their", "of" or "off"

Believe it or not these are very common errors

Content Writing for SEO and Conversion to Sales

You may not have the time to write your website content however you are the expert on the needs of your customers and the products you are selling. I will consult with you and edit your content to ensure it is creative and informative to your visitor. The aim of your content is to attract Google and other search engines and to tempt your visitor to buy. Remember they are looking for an answer to their problem. 

Mail Chimp and Newsletters

Mail Chimp is an email marketing service that enables you to send out newsletters to your customers. A free service for up to 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Upload photos, write text, keep it simple. Create professional, interesting and educational newsletters. Easy once you know how. I can help set this up for you.  

Ongoing Website Management

Your website must be kept up to date; an out-of-date website looks unprofessional. Products could be sold out, dates and events could have expired and SEO needs to be monitored. Your site has only seconds to capture a person’s interest. To ensure that your business remains organised and up to date, we provide ongoing casual or regular support at an affordable cost.