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About Robyn

Why are we called Puck & Co.? 

My clever husband, who loved the English language, was given the job of finding a suitable name for my business. He took to this with gusto coming up with many ideas, but, we finally chose Puck & Co. Puck was the name of the character in William Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Robin Goodfellow was his name and his final line was: 

"Give me your hands, if we be friends, And Robin shall restore amends". William Shakespeare.

"In Elizabethan folklore, Puck (a.k.a. Robin Goodfellow) is a household sprite who, depending on his mood, plays annoying tricks on people or helps them out with their chores. This explains why Shakespeare's Puck brags to us about all the times he's been a pest to local villagers by sabotaging vats of ale and ruining the batches of butter that housewives spent all morning churning." Shmoop

Robyn is my name. I don't behave like Puck but I do help out with "chores", particularly yours. 

I am currently working in the wine/tourism industry and have been for the past 17 years. Over time I fell into the job of managing a tourism website. I loved doing it so much that I decided to take up the challenge of content writing and search engine optimising (SEO). From that I migrated to academic study.

I have now completed my Social Science degree at Newcastle University, graduating with Distinction. My electives included English Literature, History and Criminology, Majoring in Global Indigenous Studies. All just such a huge learning curve. 

I want to bring to my writing the skills I have learnt from my degree and the knowledge that I have gained from studying people. I would like to write on websites in a language other than the boring narratives that you read on most. I believe it is important to be creative, imaginative, informative and relaxed, as the target of the content is a human being. 

Writing English rhyme and creative content is an art. Shakespeare had the gift and so did many other poets. I don't expect that I will write as brilliantly as they did however I will try. 

The 'Co' in the name relates to the people I have worked with over time: Ikoniq, namely John, is the technical side of the site and the person who taught me to pay attention to detail, and Camilla was the site designer.