Website SEO and Copy Writing

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Your business will benefit from hiring Puck & Co to manage your online presence. We can SEO your site so that your customers can find you. We get results

  • Content writing for SEO and Conversion to Sales

We don't give away tips on how we do this but we can show you how we have done this for others and how our work has increased  search engine results. Copywriting for SEO goes ways beyond just writing about your business.  

  • Organising your online business

There is so much more to building a website than just design and writing the content. Your website has to be found by your customers and then they have to be convinced to buy. We specialise in organising your online presence, we also provide ongoing support.  There are many aspects to this but don't underestimate the power of instinct and engaging the customer. This is why we are different, we pay attention attention to detail and use instincts when planning our approach. 

  •  Online and website management

Most businesses have an online presence but don't have time to keep their websites up to date. Your website is your most important marketing tool for your business.

Visitors to your site have landed on it for a reason, they are looking for what you sell. You only have a matter of seconds to grab their attention. Good content attracts search engines, engages your readers and encourages them to buy. 

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  • Ongoing business support

To ensure that your business remains organised and up to date, we provide ongoing casual or regular support at an affordable cost. We have some tricks up our sleeve that ensures good search engine results.    


...... SEO or search engine optimisation: is the process that is implemeted on a website to increase the number of visitors. SEO improves your site's chances that it will be found. 97% of people start their search with the internet .